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Communication Gap of Heavy Metals Knowledge among Community in Batu Payung, Tawau and Its Impact on Food Safety, Security and Livelihood Sustainability
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This study investigates the knowledge level and communication gap regarding unsustainable harvesting and over consumption of Meretix meretix or locally known as dalus, a protein resource aqua life impact among the Batu Payung community in Tawau. It also studies the extent of indigenous knowledge with regards to consequences of heavy metal consumption and of the dalus conditions. Dalus spends most of its life in sediment acting as a sink for contaminants such as heavy metals. Filter feeders like dalus pose health risk to consumers when it accumulated excessive heavy metals out of the permissible limit from its living environment. Over consumptions of high concentration of heavy metals in seafood have shown to be very damaging to consumer health. Consequently, over consumption or over harvesting of dalus can endanger the aqua farmers’ livelihood as well as its sustainability for future generation. Qualitative and quantitative study had been conducted by interviewing local communities living at Batu Payung, Tawau to assess the harvest and consumption pattern of dalus whether its practice is sustainable or damaging. Altogether 82 respondents were interviewed on January 2017 to evaluate the local community knowledge on heavy metal and food safety related to dalus. Only 17 respondents knows about heavy metal contamination can occur in dalus. This study looks at seven components: (1) Consumer, (2) Heavy Metal Knowledge, (3) Communication, (4) Public Health, (5) Natural Resource, (6) Nutrition Value and (7) Local Diet. The study indicates a very low level of knowledge among the aqua communities of heavy metal content in dalus and its impact on food security and livelihood sustainability

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. Diana Demiyah Mohd Hamdan